This Project is the vision of Suwi Siwila a member of the UKZN Basketball committee and has been approved by both the Chairperson and the Sports Coordinator. The proposed Basketball programme at Russell High School is part of a roll out plan not only to educate teachers and students about the sport itself but also about giving learners the opportunity to play sport compete and interact with other learners. The sport of basketball sorts to engage learners and teachers at all levels in fun yet educational encounters. As mentioned the plan is to get as many schools involved as possible. The reason Russell High school is the preferred platform to begin this programme is that it has the facilities (three Basketball courts) it has the numbers logically and the interest shown by some of the learners to participate. Here are some of the aims and objects of this programme.
Currently there are over 60 girls that are involved in the programme and 3 UKZN Beavers coaches (Suwi Siwila, Lesego Kumalo and Qiniso Zondi). The programme started with only 2 days per week coaching sessions(which include life skills, mentoring and coaching workshops for teachers), but had to be changed to three days because of the influx of students and the demand for basketball since the programme was started in February 2010. Our coaches do this programme on a voluntary basis, often travelling with public transport in order to fulfil their obligations to the programme

* Introduce Basketball at the School as a long term goal
* Participate in the GHS annual tournament
* Develop Basketball officials, coaches, talent scouts and players



* Educate firstly the teachers in the principles of coaching and the fundamentals of basketball, including the rules.
* Provide equipment and coaches at the school at the allocated time periods
* Hold workshops on officiating.

As the equipment is provided to the school for the first year will not have any monetary costs to cover (excluding the entry to tournaments).

The UKZN basketball committee are looking at running this programme over a Time of 3-4 years, hoping to strengthen and develop a sound relationship with the school.




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